Looking for the right storage solutions in Kenosha, WI? You’ve found your match in Odyssey Storage Rental’s high-quality storage containers. We provide amazing service, delivery options, and the most high-quality storage containers so that you know you’ve got the best solution on your side – no matter what you’re working on!

The Best Kenosha Storage Containers for You

From residential moving to commercial storage needs, to assets on job sites or renovation projects, Odyssey Storage Rental’s portable storage containers provide you with the right storage at the right prices. We offer flexible short and long-term storage that will let you mold your storage needs to the terms of your project, without being left without a container or with the one you don’t need sitting around.

On top of our flexible leasing options, we also offer container delivery to a wide range of locations throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. For the residential, office, and commercial moving projects, this makes our services even more convenient! From Kenosha to Chicagoland, to the Illinois/Indiana border, we’ll make sure your storage solutions are tailored to you and your needs – no matter where you are!

The Odyssey Customer Service Promise

On top of our wide service ranges and flexible leasing options, what sets Odyssey Storage Rental apart is our commitment to our customers. We understand that the process of choosing the right portable storage container can easily become convoluted or confusing – even to someone who has bought or rented a storage container in the past.

That’s why we only work with an experienced and expert team of storage professionals who are trained to provide you with the best possible guidance for choosing the right container for your needs. We’ll not only run you through all of the different containers we have available for lease but can also guide you as to which type of container might best work with your project.

In addition to this unparalleled service, we’re also proud to offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with upfront pricing and no hidden fees or charges. Too often are customers shown one low price, only to end up overcharged once it’s too late for them to research other options thanks to shady charges. At Odyssey, what you see is what you get!

Unparalleled Storage Convenience

Once you’ve picked the right portable storage container for you and your project, your customer service agent will organize the delivery of your container to whatever location you need. From there, you can pack it with whatever items or materials you need it for at your own pace. We’ll come and pick it up when it’s ready to bring your container to our safe and secure warehouse, where we’ll keep it until you’re ready for it!

We’ll then deliver your storage unit and it’ll be all up to you to determine how quickly or slowly you’d like to unpack it. You can work around your schedule and what works for your home or business – we’ll come right back to pick up again once you’re ready!

At Odyssey, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the ultimate levels of convenience, flexibility, and high-quality storage options. We offer versatile containers that are perfect for all of your storage needs. From home and office moving or renovations to seasonal storage, to construction site storage, and more, we’ve got your back for all of your Kenosha storage needs. Learn more about Odyssey Storage Rental today or request a free quote for your project.

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