Moving This Summer? Storage Solutions to Simplify Moving

A lot of people see their leases ending during the summer months, and every year they face the same questions. Do I want to stay in my current home? Do I want to move, and if so, where? Should I upgrade or downsize? As the summer months loom closer, many…

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Storage Ideas for Putting Away Seasonal Clothes

As temperatures heat up, you might want to clear your closet of all of those bulky winter clothes and cold weather items. Don’t worry - you don’t have to get rid of anything to declutter your home to make room for your warm weather clothes. Read below for some tips…

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The Best Moving Container Companies

Your life can't be contained. Your stuff can. Don't want to drive a ginormous rental truck 3,000 miles? Moving containers are the perfect alternative. Want to educate yourself on the uses of moving containers and the best companies providing them? Check out this article from hire a helper here.

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What to Consider When Storing Electronics

When moving or storing electronics, it’s important to keep the vulnerability of these items in mind no matter how or where they’re being transported. It’s important to keep boxes or containers with electronics labelled and stored separately from the rest of your items to ensure that they’re not forgotten about…

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How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in Chicago?

Are you in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area and looking for the best prices on storage units? Regardless of whether you’re making a residential move, a commercial move, or are in-between spaces, if you need a safe, secure, trusted, and affordable storage unit in Chicago, Illinois, we’ve got you covered.…

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Why Use a Portable Storage Container? 

Have you ever used portable storage containers? If not, have you ever considered it? Moving or being in-between moves are common reasons for renting a portable storage container, but they aren’t the only purposes that these storage containers can serve! If you’re looking for a storage container in Chicago, check…

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How Much Do Storage Containers and Mobile Storage Units Cost?

How Much Do Portable Storage Units Rental Cost Whether you’re in the process of planning a move, in the midst of moving, or even between homes/moves, storing your belongings is a common need for many individuals and families. Even business owners who are relocating often find themselves in need of…

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