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Storage When and Where You Need It! 

Whether you’re packing a few boxes to get organized or boxing up your entire house to move, Odyssey Storage Rental has the solution for you. Our Aurora mobile storage units are delivered directly to you in Auroragiving you the flexibility to pack at your own pace and allowing the project to fit comfortably into your schedule.    

We Deliver Mobile Storage to Aurora 

We serve Aurora and the entire Chicagoland area including downtown, greater Chicago, and all of the surrounding suburbs. We have many customers as far north as the Illinois/Wisconsin border and east to the Indiana state line, as our service extends 125 miles in each direction. Aurora is wonderfully nestled in our service area with convenient access from I-88, Hwy 25, and 31. We have many customers near you in Naperville, St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva, Montgomery, and all throughout DuPage, Kane, Kendall, and Will County. 

We’re Here to Help 

Call us today, at 630-320-2540, and our experienced team of storage experts will give you a quote. Odyssey Storage Rental is known for our trusted, reliable service at competitive pricing. We offer Aurora storage rental and services you can depend on from a team you can trust. We offer transparent, upfront pricing that allows you to know the cost before you book. To get started, simply fill out our online form or give us a call. 

We Work With You 

Our team of knowledgeable, professional staff will guide you through a reservation that best fits your project. We’ll coordinate delivery to Alsip, then you take it from there. Pack it up and give us a call to let us know you’re ready for a pick-up and we’ll transport it to our secure storage facility. We offer both short and long-term options to customize your Aurora storage rental to fit the timeframe of your project. It’s just that simple. 

We Are Your Storage Solution 

Odyssey Storage Rental delivers the perfect storage solution. We have clean, sturdy units specially designed to keep out water and moisture to keep your items safe and secure. Our 16-foot moving and storage container is the perfect size for most needs and is comparable in size to a 10′ x 15′ storage unit or a 20′ rental truck. Our generously sized containers are 16’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ tall. 

Storage Container Uses 

Our portable moving containers are specially designed for us and have built-in storage options for residential, commercial, and special event use. Here are some examples of how our customers have used our mobile units: 


Are you moving within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area? With your Aurora storage rental unit, on your driveway, you can pack up boxes little by little when you have time and still get out the door to work or to take the kids to school, baseball practice or piano without feeling overwhelmed. Your pace fits your schedule. 

Decluttering Your Environment 

Have you embraced the wonderful trend of decluttering your home and creating a more relaxing space for your family? Pack an Aurora mobile storage unit with your extra items as you decide what to keep and what to toss. Have the freedom to go through your belongings without living among the clutter at the same time. 

Making Room For A New Family Member 

Are you moving your husband’s foosball table and high school trophies out of the house to make room for a nursery but he’s not ready to permanently be rid of them forever? Pack them up and store them with us. 

Military Deployment 

Are you and your family moving because of military deployment but you don’t want to take everything with you? Pack a storage unit and leave some of your items here to store with us until you return. 


Do you happily get to retire and leave the large house behind for the wonderful simplicity of a condo? Store all of the extra furniture and belongings with us in your packed Aurora mobile storage unit until you and your children can go through the memories and divide up their favorite possessions.  

Seasonal Furniture Storage  

Instead of leaving your beautiful outdoor furniture and cushions outside all winter under a canvas tarp, pack them and store them with us. We’ll deliver your container when the leaves turn orange and begin to fall, then we’ll bring it back in the spring after the snow finally melts and the grass is green. 

Kitchen Remodel 

Are you tearing out your kitchen cabinets to make way for the beautiful kitchen of your dreams? Pack your Aurora mobile storage unit with all of your kitchen items that need to be out of the way. 

Home Renovation Projects 

Are you upgrading your house to take down some walls and finally achieve that wonderful open concept living space? Do you need to find a place for your couches and chairs to live without getting covered in dust? Our containers are perfect to keep your items clean and secure. 

Sports Equipment 

Do you have several bags of golf clubs and a stack of paddleboards or a canoe that can’t hang from a rack on the garage ceiling? Pack them in a storage unit and get them out of the way during the cold months.  

Holiday Decorations 

Do you have boxes and boxes of holiday decorations resting snuggly on the shelf in the basement or garage taking up valuable space only to be taken out once per year? Get them out of the way and into an Odyssey mobile unit for safe storage until you need them. 

Create More Space to Entertain 

Maybe you host a giant football party each year and have numerous collapsible tables and folding chairs that need a place to live during the other 364 days of the year? Or, maybe you need to remove large pieces of furniture from your home to make way for a big party? Store them securely in a mobile container. 

Storage Container Business Use 

On-Site Inventory Storage 

Do you have excess inventory on hand that needs a secure environment to be stored until it’s delivered to your customers? Or is your business growing so fast that you’re bursting at the seams and need extra storage space to accommodate your inventory as you expand? Our on-site mobile Aurora storage rental unit provides secure storage space that you can easily access.  

Office Remodel 

Your business is growing and it’s time for a new, fresh, updated environment. Keep your business up and running without skipping a beat by storing your excess supplies, furniture, inventory, and documents on-site yet out of the way. Store them in a secure container and keep your construction project on schedule.   

Business Document Storage 

The digital world is revolutionary but businesses also need to keep archived paper documents.  Do you have stacks of cardboard storage boxes in the hall closet, break room, or next to the cleaning supplies? Free up that space and don’t worry about tripping over them anymore. Store them safely and securely in an Odyssey Storage Rental container. 

Festivals and Special Events 

On-Site Central Office 

Are you hosting a community festival or fundraiser with ticket booths and numerous volunteers? Our containers are tall enough to stand in and can be easily used on site as a central office to safely count money (out of the public eyeand store ticketsproceeds, and/or supplies. 

Information Center 

Do you need a central location on-site at your event for the logistics manager, group coordinator, first-aid station, information booth or quiet cell phone calling lounge? You can create an office environment complete with seating and storage to be your organizational hub in an Odyssey Storage Rental container.  

Concert Event Storage 

Do you need a secure space at your hosted concert that is safe from rain and bad weather to store merchandise, speakers, or equipment? Store them securely in an Odyssey Storage Rental container delivered on-site to you. If you have ticket booths, collapsible tables, or bars that you use every year for your annual event, pack all your fixtures into the container, let us store it for you when you’re done, and we’ll deliver it to you next year’s event.  

About Odyssey Storage Rental 

Odyssey Storage Rental is locally owned and operated and headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Odyssey Storage Rental is a member of the Odyssey Group family of businesses. We have built a decadeslong reputation of quality, service, and dependability and have grown our businesses over the years to serve the many needs of loyal customers.  

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